How to know about the bonuses of ion casino

During the initial phase of the ion casino gambling business there was hardly many entrepreneurs and there was no need of any sort of promotional schemes for luring the players to the casino web sites. But at the present juncture there have appeared huge number of web sites which touches some spectacular number nearing 17 million. These huge numbers of web sites have posed great challenges for the site owners for getting new players as well as retaining the existing players at the sites. The crises of markets have necessitated the owners to employ promotional ventures in line with the front line businesses which are already in the influence of economic downturn since long. The promotional schemes are on the rise as the older schemes fail to deliver results within a short period of time. But the bonus schemes are thought to be a good promotional incentive to the players which is still exerting its influence on the players while selecting the web site.

Intelligently the bonuses are designed in such a way as to target different phases of the players playing lives. As for example for the new players there is welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, free deposit bonus etc. This welcome bonus are designed so that the new players can get acquainted with the casino games without any stake so that they can learn the methods and emotionally get prepared to plunge into bigger role of wagering with the hope of recording winnings. The players have to open an account with the ioncasino in which some bonus amount will be deposited by the site owner for enabling the new player to play the games for free. But the players are not allowed to withdraw the money from the account.

For the players who have stayed on at the site the aim of the bonus will be to lure him to continue with the site. Hence there is a bonus which is added to the account with the completion of six months with the site. In this manner many such bonus schemes are there for all the categories of players. The casino houses also keep the track of such players who have plenty of money and do not bother to frequently change the web sites. These people are encouraged to deposit more money by giving entry tickets to famous events of national importance. Such gestures are greatly appreciated by rich customers of ion casino gambling.


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